Bornwater Drilling


Our company is Bornwater Drilling (Pvt) Ltd with extensive experience in Down The Hole (DHT) hammer drilling. We have a branch in Masvingo and Kwekwe which covers the whole of Midlands, from Chegutu, Hwange up to Victoria Falls.

The drilling company was first named Fritz Drilling Toramvura, we changed the name of the company in 2006 to "Bornwater Drilling (Pvt) Ltd." We contracted to Plan International in 1995 and did drilling for Plan in Zhombe, Empress, Silobela, and Mabura. We also cover Masvingo, Beitbridge, Midlands areas as well.
Bornwater has also been doing bush pump and submersible pump installations, capacity tests since formation, however our specialty will always be borehole drilling.

We have also drilled for many influential companies in Zimbabwe


We pride in giving our clients the best service we can offer.